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The market leader in video sender innovation, development & design. DigiSender® is the leading brand of video senders from AEI Security and Communcations Ltd. At the heart of every product released by AEI is an amazing depth of innovation and a will to pioneer technology. The wireless video sender range is no exception. Innovation is incorporated into every product that AEI offer. Features such as our revolutionary DigiEye™ technology, our processor based channel selection technology, and our connectivity designs, such as the DigiConnector™ (Patent Pending), are no exception.

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology allows you to use your original source remote control from your bedroom as well as sending the source a/v signal to your bedroom.

  • A/V Frequency: 2.4GHz/5.8GHz and Digital Spread Spectrum Technology
  • Range (Free-Air): 100m
  • Range (Nominal): 25m
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -90dBm

The intelligent remote control extender.

DigiEye™ technology allows gaurantees flawless operation with any make or satellite reciever, cable box etc. Built into all new DigiSenders as standard this technology is also available in a stand alone unit. Because the DigiEye™ is compatible with IrDA and RC5 protocols it means that virtually every piece of household equipment you own can be controlled via the DigiEye. Remote control hand sets for Sky and cable systems are identical so DigiEye codes each transmission and thus prevents your neighbour from changing your channels accidentally.

  • Control your A/V equipment from any room in the home.
  • Compatible with Sky+®, digital cable systems including all NTL® and Telewest® Pace systems.
  • Pace® IrDA and generic RC5 compatible.

Digisenders Unique DigiConnector™

The DigiConnector™ is fitted as standard on all DigiSender® transmitters allowing you to plug your existing SCART cable into the back of it. No need for an extra socket on your equipment.

Unique to the DigiSender™ series is the DigiConnector™, a clever way of using a SCART socket on the back of any set top box and leaving the SCART output still available for the television. The DigiConnector™ takes a minuscule amount of signal and will not degrade the picture quality on the main television. CPU based channel selection at the heart of every Digisender receiver controls precisely how each channel is displayed with rock-steady PLL (Phase Locked Loop) precision.